Conflict Resolution 101: When Employees Won’t Stop Fighting

As a Human Resource consulting firm in Hartford, Stewart Staffing knows that tension and disagreements between team members will happen. In many cases, employees will be able to resolve the situation on their own. But what about when things heat up, start disrupting the workplace – and you have to put your conflict resolution skills to use? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Listen to all sides.

You might think you know the whole story. But it’s important to listen to all sides involved to ensure you have the facts straight and to demonstrate impartiality. Give your employees the opportunity to speak their minds and explain each side so they know their voices are being heard. That way, you can proceed with a more accurate sense of the situation.

Bring people back to reality.

Sometimes, employees are so caught up in the details and what’s going on in their own minds that they lose sight of the big picture. It’s your job to get them to focus back on reality, and the impact the conflict is having on their own work and on the team’s morale.

Identify the problem.

In other words, what’s the real issue here? What your employees are quarreling about may just be a small part of a larger problem. So it’s up to you to identify what’s really going on. Perhaps the source of the problem has been ongoing for a time and just recently escalated due to a perceived slight. But try to get all parties to look beyond the trigger incident and focus on the real cause of the problem.

Ask for solutions.

Ask both parties how they would like the situation resolved. In other words: What do they want to see happen and how can things be made better between them? Actively listen to all responses and try to get them to cooperate together to come up with a solution everyone can agree on. Brainstorm and act as arbitrator, pointing out the pros and cons of each suggestion.

Take the situation seriously.

Easing conflict on your team can feel like breaking up fights on the playground. But it’s worth your time and effort to do so. If you don’t take action, it can cause further and even irreparable damage down the line, while also decreasing productivity and morale.

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