Can Job Candidates Speed Up the Hiring Process?

When you’re searching for a new job, it seems like you’re at the mercy of the hiring companies. You have to wait to hear back after you submit your resume and after any interviews – with no real indication as to what the outcome will be.

As a candidate, it can certainly be a nerve-wracking experience. But for employers, they’re extremely cautious about who they bring on board for full-time positions. They want to avoid an expensive hiring mistake and ensure the people they do hire are the right fit for the company.

That said, as one of Hartford’s leading employment agencies, Stewart Staffing knows that doesn’t mean your hands are tied during the hiring process. There are a few small steps you can take to speed things up a little. Here’s a look at them:

Research the company’s hiring process.

Look to their website, LinkedIn and Glassdoor and try to find out what you can about their hiring process. That way, you can better mentally prepare yourself for it. Some companies have efficient, fast-moving processes, while others are far slower. But at least you’ll gain a better sense of what to expect.

Have references ready.

Most employers will want a list of at least three professional references. So another way to speed up the process is to have your list of references ready to go when the hiring manager needs them. That means reaching out to potential references ahead of time and asking for their permission to use them as a reference. It also means putting together a list of their names and most recent contact information, and sending that along to potential employers as soon as they ask for it. You can even bring a copy of your reference list with you to the interview and give it to the hiring manager then.

Ask about next steps after an interview.

Before you leave an interview, make sure you inquire about the hiring manager’s timeline for hiring. That way, you’ll have a sense of whether they plan to make a decision next week or next month. When you have that information, you’ll also know when it’s a good time to follow up.

Ask about any concerns.

At the end of the interview, you can also ask the hiring manager about any concerns they have in regards to your candidacy. If there are any, you can work to address them while you’re still in the interview, or by sending along additional information – such as your work portfolio – soon after to overcome any obstacles to getting hired.

Send a thank you note after the interview.

Send a short, compelling thank you note that thanks the hiring manager for their time and explains why you think you’re the best fit for the role. This serves as just another reminder to the hiring manager that you’re eager to win the job and willing to work for it.

Adjust your expectations and keep up your job search.

Despite your best efforts, many companies have a long hiring process. Don’t take it personally. Instead, expect it and continue your search until you have a solid offer.

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