Managing 101: Overseeing a Team with Varying Personalities

As one of the leading placement firms in Connecticut, Stewart Staffing knows that managing a team is hard work. But when everyone on your staff has wildly different personalities, it can be tough to know how to properly motivate and inspire them. To help you in the process, here are a few quick tips:

Get to know each person individually.

With a team full of very different personalities, you should aim to get to know each one individually. Set up some one-on-one time with your staff members and try to get a better sense of who they are and what makes them tick.

For instance: Is someone an introvert or more extroverted? Does an employee require a lot of feedback, or want more autonomy? Are they thinkers, or more feelers? When you can answer these questions about each employee, you’ll know better how to manage them.

Focus on relationship building.

This doesn’t mean you have to be best friends with your employees. However, when you put some effort into building a good relationship with them, you’ll not only forge strong ties with each one, but increase loyalty as a result. No matter what kind of personality an employee has, each and every one will appreciate a strong, healthy, open relationship with their boss.

Learn what’s most important to them.

What’s important to one employee might not be as important to another. But in order to successfully manage and motivate your entire staff, you need to understand what’s important to them as individuals. For the young mom on your team, scheduling flexibility is vital. For the senior staff member, retirement benefits are the biggest concern. And for the new college graduate, they want opportunities to learn and contribute.

Set the standard.

When it comes to managing your team, it’s not always about what you say, but what you do, too. That means modeling the kind of habits and behaviors you expect from your team. That way, they can take their cues from you and how you behave, without you necessarily having to speak with each one individually.

In the end, what separates great managers from mediocre ones is their ability to engage their staff. In order to do that, you need to understand each personality and what motivates them, so you can maximize their productivity and job satisfaction.

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