Retention 101: Keeping Top Employee When You Can’t Promote Them

You’ve got a great employee who has proven their worth. They want a promotion, they deserve a promotion, but you can’t give them one – whether it’s due to budget constraints or your organization’s hierarchy. How can you keep them happy and engaged, without them accepting an offer at your top competitor? With these tips from Stewart Staffing, one of Central Connecticut’s top staffing services firms,

Be honest.

Don’t make promises that you might not be able to keep. For instance, don’t tell them you’ll revisit the conversation in six months when you know there’s still only a limited chance of promotion then. Be upfront and honest with them about the opportunities you can and cannot offer them.

Think about a lateral move.

If there aren’t opportunities for moving up, evaluate whether you can offer a lateral move. If they’ve been in the same job for many years now, chances are they’re growing a little restless. A change in tasks and responsibilities can serve as a new challenge to keep them motivated.

Offer skill development.

Is there a particular area your employee would like to grow in? Do you see them as having leadership potential, but need some training first? Offer the opportunities for them to acquire new skills, as well as enhance existing ones. Not only will this help your employee grow and develop, but it can even give them a fresh perspective on their current role with the company.

Assign them a stretch project.

Stretch projects are a great way to solve a problem and get work done at your company, while also providing a meaningful learning opportunity for your employee. Not only that, but you’ll help them feel more valued and more engaged with your organization, as a result.

Provide mentoring opportunities.

Whether it’s you or another company veteran, pair your employee up with someone who can offer them insight and advice on their career and how to continue to develop in it.

If, however, despite your best efforts, your employee decides to move on, let Stewart Staffing help you fill the role. As a leading staffing services firm in Central Connecticut, we can give you access to A-level talent for a variety of positions. Just contact us today to learn more.

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