5 Areas to Focus on When You Want to Retain All-Star Employees

As a leading staffing services firm in Central Connecticut, Stewart Staffing knows that turnover is natural at every company. Even when you offer competitive compensation and a great working environment, employees’ personal situations or career aspirations will change – prompting them to go looking for other opportunities.

That said, high turnover among your top-performing staff can certainly have a negative impact on your bottom line. From innovation to productivity, many aspects of your company can suffer. So how can you stop the exodus and retain your best people? Here are 5 areas to consider:

The chance to advance.

Most employees don’t want to stay in the same position year after year. They want the opportunity to move ahead as they gain new skills and abilities. And when you can offer your top performers the opportunity to advance in their careers, you’re far more likely to retain them for longer.

Strong leadership.

One of the biggest reasons employees leave a company is due to issues with their boss. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, a full 50% of employees who quit say their manager was the reason. That’s why it’s so important to ensure managers are properly trained on leading teams, as well as encouraged and given the tools necessary to build healthy relationships with their staff.

Scheduling flexibility.

In today’s world, employees want to have more flexibility with their work schedules. Whether that means coming in and leaving early, or working from home, technology can help make this happen. But if you’re not open to embracing more flexibility – and helping your employees live a more balanced life, as a result – then don’t be surprised when they move to companies that do offer this perk.

Generous compensation.

Your top performing employees work hard and expect to compensated fairly. But when it’s been a few years since their last raise, all while paying more toward their benefits, then it’s going to impact employee loyalty at your company.

A healthy culture.

When employees are stretched thin and pulled in too many directions, all the time, their overall health and well-being takes a hit. But a culture that embraces a healthy work life balance can certainly help you retain your top staff.

High turnover can have a variety of negative implications for your company. It decreases morale and performance and leads to a shaky knowledge base. But when you follow and implement some of the tips above, you can impact employee retention positively – and retain your competitive edge.

If you need more help with hiring, onboarding and retention strategies at your company, call the experts at Stewart Staffing.

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