Staying Sane at Work During the Holidays

As one of Hartford’s leading employment agencies, Stewart Staffing knows that these days, every time of the year seems stressful. But the holidays certainly take the cake and can often seem a little crazed. How can you stay sane, get your work done and still enjoy yourself? Start with these simple tips:

Get organized.

So you have a lot to do. Welcome to the club. Between holiday concerts, shopping, decorating and baking – not to mention that hot project for your most difficult client – there’s not exactly a lot of time for relaxation. But the good news is that the more prepared you are, the easier life will be as you navigate your way during the holidays. So prioritize, make your lists and check them twice so you can stay on track during this busy season.

Place a heavy emphasis on communication.

It’s always important to communicate with your boss, co-workers and family. But this takes on even more importance during the stressful holiday season. If you’re not going to be able to complete a project before the December 24th deadline, let your boss know as soon as possible. Or if a co-worker asked for a favor and you can’t deliver until after the New Year, just be honest with them. You’re a human being and not perfect. People will understand as long as your open with them.

Ask for help.

For many people, it’s hard to ask for help. But sometimes you need it just to get through the busy holiday season. So if you’re having a hard time completing a project, or you’re getting inundated with requests you can’t fill, let your boss know and ask for help. They’ll appreciate your candor.

Say “no.”

There are times when you have to set clear boundaries and simply say “no.” The holidays can sometimes be one of those times. You’re being pulled in countless directions on top of an already overloaded work schedule. So sometimes turning down a request – as gently as possible – is the smartest path toward staying sane during the holidays.

Be thankful.

Sure, things are busy. But you’ve got a job, you’ve got your family, you’ve got your health. Those are some amazing gifts to be thankful for. So during the hustle and bustle of the season, don’t get so caught up in all that you have to do that you forget to sit back, relax and simply be grateful for all you have.

If part of staying sane means finding a new job where you have more balance, the experts at Stewart Staffing can help. As one of Hartford’s leading employment agencies, we’ll get to know your background, skills and personality….we’ll then get to work matching you with rewarding opportunities that are a better fit for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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