How to Make Meetings More Productive

As one of New England’s leading staffing agencies, Stewart Staffing knows that as the year winds down, you might be ramping up on your meeting schedule. If you want to take time off for the holidays, you’ll need to wrap up many details and projects before then. Not only that, but end of the year is the time for performance reviews. As a result, your schedule over the next couple weeks is likely chock full of meetings. How can you make them as productive as possible? With these simple tips:

Set goals.

Whatever the meeting is about, before it begins, be clear about the objective. This will set the tone for the meeting and let everyone know what you’re working toward. Also, be sure to share a basic agenda before the meeting so participants can properly prepare.

Keep it short.

Sixty or ninety minute meetings just aren’t that effective. After a while, people grow bored and lose focus. That’s why it’s important to keep is as short as possible. Under 30 minutes is ideal.

Start and end on time.

Make sure you’re not late to meetings, which means they’ll start late and also end late too, impacting the rest of everyone’s day. If you have to, leave 10 minutes in between your scheduled meetings so that you have time to disengage from one meeting and get to the next one, all without running late or feeling frenzied.

Consider a different setting.

Meeting in the same old conference room day after day can get stale. Why not change things up a bit? For instance, if you’re meeting privately with an employee, connect at a local coffee shop. Or go for a walk if it happens to be a mild day outside.

Unplug and focus.

Don’t sit on your phone and laptop during the course of a meeting. Focus on the topic at hand completely. If you don’t, you’ll set the tone for everyone else, who will then follow suit and try to multi-task during meetings. But this results in inefficient meetings and mistakes.

Don’t get stuck or sidetracked.

When there’s debate over an issue, it’s easy to get stuck going back and forth about it. Instead, rather than hashing it out for too long, make a note of it to discuss again down the line. Likewise, strive to stay focused on the topic at hand; don’t get sidetracked by other discussions about unrelated issues.

Running efficient and productive meetings takes the right approach. But by following the easy tips above, you can get more from each one – and hopefully get more time in your day, as a result.

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