How Healthy is Your Office Culture?

As one of the leading human resources firms in Connecticut, Stewart Staffing knows that in today’s world, employees are looking for a strong work-life balance. They want a culture that understands they have a life outside of work; at the same time, while in the office, they want to be recognized for their value and contributions. When these things are in alignment, employees feel supported and will be more productive as a result. When they don’t, it can impact employee and retention, too.

So how can you tell if you have a healthy workplace? Here are some signs to look out for.

Low turnover.

Every company will experience some turnover, which is actually a good thing because it’s an opportunity to bring in fresh perspectives and insight. However, if yours remains relatively low, then it’s a solid indicator that you have a healthy place to work.


Flexibility is important for today’s workers, not only when it comes to scheduling, but also in terms of how a company operates. In an ever-changing business environment, it’s important to embrace new trends, technologies and help keep employees up to speed. Top talent doesn’t want to work somewhere that’s outmoded and potentially get left behind. So if change is constant at your organization, that can be a good thing.

Lack of gossip and cliques.

One of the fastest ways to employee disengagement is with gossip, petty behavior and toxicity. The best workers want to be in positive places where people take the high road, not stoop low and backstab or talk about their co-workers in a negative light.

People are happy.

When the environment is relaxed and productive, your staff will be happier as a result. People are smiling and are clearly glad to be at work. They enjoy their jobs and feel recognized, rewarded and appreciated for their hard work.

Communication is open and honest.

When there’s fear about communicating openly and honestly, it’s simply going to hurt the whole team and the bottom line. However, you’re in good shape if your team is communicating in an authentic way and feels comfortable communicating, even when it comes to offering negative feedback. There isn’t passive aggressiveness; simply an honest desire to do the best work possible.

An emphasis on healthy work-life balance.

Your employees spend most of their time at work. And yet, the people most important to them are often at home. It’s vital to recognize that and ensure you give your team the support and resources necessary for a healthy work-life balance. There are many different options available, from flex scheduling and telecommuting to supplementary employee benefits programs.

If you don’t recognize your company on this list, not to worry. There’s always rooms for improvement. Simply take small steps and work your way toward enhancing the overall health of your company culture.

Need more help on these and other HR-related issues?

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