Starting a New Temporary Job? Here’s How to Impress

Anytime you start a new job, it can be a stressful experience. A temporary position is no different. In fact, sometimes it can be even more daunting since you’re expected to get up and running quickly without a lot of training.

So what can you do in your next short-term assignment to put your best foot forward and impress? As one of the leading employment agencies in Springfield, Massachusetts, Stewart Staffing has the answers you need. Here’s a look:

Know the ins and outs of the job ahead of time.

Make sure you know where you’re going, whom to report to, what to bring and what time to get there. Not only will having these details ahead of time ensure you can plan properly, but you’ll feel more comfortable and confident as a result. If you don’t know something, such as the dress code or whether to bring a lunch, then reach out to your recruiter or manager and ask. It’s best to get the information you need so you’re well prepared on your first day.

Approach it like a full-time job.

Just because the assignment isn’t permanent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approach it like one. So make sure you show up on time every day, treat everyone you meet with respect and are always ready to go the extra mile. After all, you don’t know when another temporary assignment or even full-time job could open up. When you leave behind an excellent impression, you’ll be the first one called in.

Ask questions and take notes.

During your first day on the assignment, you’ll likely get a lot of information thrown at you. That’s why it’s important to bring a notebook, so you can write everything down, from your tasks and responsibilities to company policies you need to follow. It’s also helpful if you need to keep track of usernames and passwords.

In addition, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you know, the less chance there is for making a mistake.

Get to know your co-workers.

Even if you’re only going to be on an assignment for a short period of time, it’s important to connect with others, be friendly and forge relationships. Not only will you have people to turn to with questions, but you never know who could connect you with a future opportunity down the line. The more people in your network, the better your shot of finding your next assignment or job opportunity.

Call in immediately if you’re sick or running late.

If you’re ever running late or need to call in sick, do so immediately. Never leave your manager wondering where you are. Also, if you realize the type of work isn’t for you, finish out your assignment, but let your employment agency recruiter know. Talk to them about what specifically you didn’t like so they can make a better match next time.

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