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Didn’t Get Offered Your Dream Job in Hartford? Here’s How to Deal

A job search is an emotional roller coaster. There’s fear, anxiety, excitement, joy – and a host of other emotions. But how can you properly manage your feelings when you experience a major disappointment – like, losing out on your dream job? Here are 4 tips to keep in mind: #1: Remember, it’s normal. You’re not… Read More »

4 Questions to Ask Yourself…Before You Start a Job Search

You’ve been in your job for a while. Now, you’re ready for something new. But as experienced Hartford headhunters, Stewart Staffing knows before you take the plunge and put your resume out there, you should ask yourself a few questions to ensure you’re on a path toward career success: How current is my LinkedIn profile?… Read More »

How to Successfully Juggle Multiple Job Offers…& Pick the Right One

You’ve been searching for a new job for a while. That’s why it’s unexpected – and exciting – when you get more than one offer. The question is: how do you decide between two equally rewarding opportunities? Here are some tips to help you make the right decision. Tip #1: Buy yourself a few days.… Read More »

What Your Manager Really Means with These Common Phrases

Ever wonder what your manager really means when they say certain things to you? As one of Southern New England’s top employment agencies, Stewart Staffing knows you’re not alone. Bosses are busy and, as a result, they’re not always totally clear when it comes to communication. To help you read between the lines, here’s a look… Read More »

Explaining Short-Term Jobs on Your Resume

You took a job in Hartford that sounded ideal. But then, just a few weeks into the position, you realized it’s not at all what you expected. In fact, it’s become a disaster. Whether you’re simply not the right fit, or you weren’t given the full picture of what the job entailed, the bottom line is the… Read More »

References 101: 3 Tips for Giving the Best References

As one of Hartford’s leading employment agencies, Stewart Staffing knows there are certain parts of the hiring process candidates dislike most. Waiting to hear back after submitting a resume is certainly one of them. Another is providing a list of references. Who do you put on the list? How do you prepare them? What are potential… Read More »

How to Elevate Your Resume – & Stand Out to Hiring Managers

As one of the leading employment agencies in Springfield, Massachusetts, Stewart Staffing knows that searching for a new job can be a frustrating experience. You apply to position after position, but here little or nothing at all. If this sounds familiar, it could be that your resume needs some work. While you know to include the… Read More »

3 Steps for Preparing for an Interview (Without Sounding Rehearsed)

It’s a New Year. And that might mean you’re well underway with a job search. If you are, then you’ll likely be interviewing soon. But, while you know it’s important to prepare for interviews, did you also know it’s possible to prepare too much? As top recruiters in Springfield, Massachusetts, Stewart Staffing knows when you do, you… Read More »

4 Steps to Ultimate Job Satisfaction in 2017 – and Beyond

70%. That’s the percentage of Americans who are unhappy, uninspired and disengaged at work, according to a 2015 Gallup poll. Are you one of them? As experienced Hartford headhunters, Stewart Staffing knows if you are, then something needs to change. When you think of the amount of time spent at work, it’s not healthy to be… Read More »

‘Why Are You Looking for a New Job?’ How to Answer This Tricky Interview Question

You didn’t get along with a co-worker. The required tasks weren’t a good fit for you. You were being pushed to work more and more hours. Whatever the case, you’re not sure how to answer the “why are you looking for a new job?” question. After all, you want to be completely honest – but doing so could hurt… Read More »