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How to Get Ready for Your Internal Interview

Interviewing for a position within your company might sound like a piece of cake. After all, your employer already knows your skills, abilities and work ethic. But don’t get too comfortable and assume you’re a shoo-in for the job. Just like any interview, you have to prepare so you can persuade the decision makers you’re… Read More »

7 Tips for Standing Out at Work

You love your job. But that doesn’t mean you want to be in it for the rest of your life. You’d eventually like to move ahead in your career. The question is – how can you stand out so you get promoted? Here are 7 quick tips to help you: Tip #1: Make your voice heard. Making your… Read More »

5 Quick Networking Tips That Will Improve Your Odds of Landing a Job

As leading Hartford headhunters, Stewart Staffing knows that nobody likes the job search. There are too many unknowns and the entire experience is stressful. That said, there’s a lot at stake – from your career happiness and satisfaction to future advancement and earnings. It’s therefore imperative that you don’t just find any new job, but the one… Read More »

How to Boost Your Productivity – and Your Career – in 2016

As one of the leading employment agencies in Hartford County, Stewart Staffing knows making a career resolution to improve productivity certainly sounds good. But when it comes down to it, achieving it isn’t always easy. That said, boosting productivity will help you also boost your career in the long run. So it’s certainly a challenge worth taking… Read More »

4 Resolutions For a New Job in the New Year

Finding a new job might be at the top of your resolution list this year. But how are you going to get there? If you don’t know, then here are some additional resolutions to set to help you in the process. Resolution #1: Networking more often. You probably know that networking can considerably shorten your… Read More »

What Not to Say in an Interview

As one of the leading employment agencies in Springfield, Massachusetts, Stewart Staffing knows that getting an interview can feel like a huge win for your job search. Now it’s up to you to say all the right things and ask insightful questions in order to move forward in the hiring process. What are a few statements… Read More »

6 Reasons Your Resume is Being Ignored

You’ve submitted your resume to countless job opportunities. Yet, you haven’t heard back…about a single one. Where are you going wrong? If it seems like your resume is being ignored – especially for positions you know you are a fit for – it could be due to some of the following reasons: Reason #1: You’re… Read More »

Upgrade Your Resume With These Action Verbs

As one of Hartford’s leading employment agencies, Stewart Staffing knows your resume is your ticket into the interview process when you’re searching for a new job. But sometimes it can be challenging to sum up all your experience on one or two pages. In order to do so, though, you must choose your words wisely and… Read More »

6 Scary Job Search Mistakes

Halloween is almost here – and it’s the perfect time to review some of the scary job search mistakes we’ve seen candidates make over the years. Here’s a look at six: Mistake #1: Being late to the interview…without a good reason. As one of the leading employment agencies in Hartford, CT, Stewart Staffing knows that just… Read More »

How to Start a New Job Off Right

Just get a new job? Congratulations! As one of the leading employment agencies in Hartford County, Stewart Staffing knows that while the stress of your search is over, now you’ve got the pressure of starting a new job to deal with. Is there anything you can do take make sure you get off on the right foot?… Read More »