How We Work 

From the moment you meet with one of our recruiters, you will see the Stewart Recruitment Group difference immediately. Here is how our process works:


You’ll make an appointment with one of our recruiters. Someone who will work with you throughout the process, someone dedicated to your success.


Next, you’ll complete an application. It allows us to understand your work experience, skills and background.


Then we’ll talk. We want to learn more about you, more about the things an application can’t tell: interests, personality, motivations, preferred schedule and work environment.


Next, we’ll do some testing to assess your skills to assure that your assignment will be a perfect match to your abilities.


Then we go behind the scenes, where the whole Stewart team gets to work. Your unique qualifications are presented to the entire Stewart Recruitment Group team, then we search our open positions for the perfect opportunity for you.


Once you’re on the job, we’ll continue to be in contact with you, seeing how things are going on your assignment, ensuring your success.

For more details, contact Stewart Recruitment Group LLC online or give us a call at 860-293-1554 today!