Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group Temporary Employee Benefits

Stewart offers a generous benefits package, including:

Pay Cards and Direct Deposit

Available to all Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group employees, we can offer you ALINE Pay Cards. This is convenient for those who do not have or do not wish to have a bank account. We can also deposit your paycheck directly into your savings or checking account. Meanwhile, you will receive a record of your wages and the deposited amount in the same manner as you would receive a paycheck. Ask your Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group representative for the required paperwork.

Group Benefits

From the first day of employment, Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group employees and their dependents are eligible to participate in Group Benefits. The choice of benefits includes: medical, dental and vision care coverage, short-term disability, and term life insurance. We can provide you with all the details.

401 (k) Plan

Eligibility begins once you have completed one year of service and have reached age 21. You will enter the plan once you reach the entry date. You will have completed a year of service if, at the end of your first 12 consecutive months of employment with us, you have been credited with 1,000 Hours of Service.