How to Build a Website that Attracts Top Candidates

As one of New England’s leading staffing agencies, Stewart Staffing knows your company’s website plays a critical role in your relationship with candidates. When they’re interested in applying for a position, it’s likely the first place they’ll look to learn more about you. From values and culture to products and services, your site can certainly… Read More »

How Texting Can Revamp Your Hiring Process

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Job Search 101: Preparing Your References

As top recruiters in Springfield, Massachusetts, Stewart Staffing knows once you’re asked to submit your references, it means you’ve got a good shot at getting the job. But in order to further your chances, you need to properly prepare the people on your list. If you don’t, one weak or ill-prepared reference call could derail your… Read More »

7 Quick Interview Prep Tips for Hiring Managers

If you manage a department, interviewing is likely on your “to do” list. But if you see the process as more of a chore or a challenge, we can help. Below are a list of easy interview prep tips that can help you get behind the candidate mask and find and hire the people you… Read More »

6 Tips for Staying Positive in a Negative Work Environment

American adults employed full time work an average of 47 hours per week, according to a survey by Gallup. That’s about six days a week of work – and a lot of time spent at the office. As one of Central Connecticut’s top employment agencies, Stewart Staffing knows if you’re working in a negative environment, it… Read More »

Retention 101: Keeping Top Employee When You Can’t Promote Them

You’ve got a great employee who has proven their worth. They want a promotion, they deserve a promotion, but you can’t give them one – whether it’s due to budget constraints or your organization’s hierarchy. How can you keep them happy and engaged, without them accepting an offer at your top competitor? With these tips… Read More »

How to Take the Emotions Out of Your Next Job Search

As one of the leading employment agencies in Hartford County, Stewart Staffing knows a job search is like a roller coaster ride. You’re up one day when you get called for an interview and down the next when you find out you didn’t land the job. In between, there are also periods of intense stress, as… Read More »