Staffing services for New England

Whether you need short-term temp help or a candidate for a full-time hire, you don’t want to settle for second best. You want someone with skills, experience and the drive to succeed. Our job is to find those people for you.

Temporary Staffing

Give your business just-in-time access to the people you need.

Need a last minute fill-in? Coverage for a maternity leave? Extra help for your busy season? Or maybe you need someone with specialized expertise for an upcoming project?

Our temporary staffing services give you access to people with the skills and experience you require—when you need them, and only for as long as you need them.


Take the guesswork out of hiring with Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group’s temp-to-hire services.

We will evaluate your hiring needs, recruit the best available talent, provide you with a short list of qualified candidates, and then place the person you select as a temporary at your company for as long as you choose.

During this probationary time, Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group will manage payroll, benefits, insurance, taxes and government reporting for the employee.

At the end of the trial period, you can convert the employee to your payroll. If for any reason the person is not the right fit, you can terminate the assignment at any time during the trial period with no additional costs.


Stay on the cutting edge of technology.

When special projects or short-term assignments overwhelm your professional staff, our contract staffing is the solution. Whether you need one professional, or an entire staff, Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group has the consultants you need, when you need them, as long as you need them.

How we do it:

A staffing agency you can depend on, Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group is simply unlike the rest.  Taking No Shortcuts to Quality ever; we achieve this through a commitment to professionalism, unwavering honesty and integrity as a known leader in the staffing and recruitment industry.

In an industry, overrun with mediocre and ineffective staffing agencies, our more than 15 years of experience combined with an exceptional team of recruiters, a commitment to being an ethics-based company, and highly effective screening methods are the keys to our success.

We pride ourselves on putting the best candidate in the most productive circumstances for their skills and personality, and then watch them make a difference for our clients.

With an ironclad commitment to working with only top-quality and industry-based expertise, we are the leaders in temporary, temp-to-perm and contract staffing for over 1,000 clients in 27 states and nearly every industry position.  Whether you are a hiring a corporate manager or a seasonal workforce; whether the assignment is for a day or three years or longer; Stewart Staffing Solutions & Recruitment Group has the knowledge and resources to serve you anywhere you are located throughout the United States!

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